Core Values

TMTL's core values define our beliefs, principles and practices. It outlines the conduct of business in our everday lives, dictates our overarching vision and corporate strategy.

The new core values logo is a symbolic depiction of progress, energy and integrity. It vividly portrays the value sets practised within the organization.

The outer wheel indicates enduring progress and the inner chakra infuses whorls of energy that permeate the entire organization. The inner white space attributes justice and fairness, the perfect canvas for inscribing our values.

Enriching Lives. Empowering Dreams


We may not be able to wipe the sweat from the customer's brow, but we can certainly put a smile on their face.


An uncompromising focus on quality, not just in products, but in all that we do.


We are not just individuals doing our respective jobs. We are partners in progress. Our people matter.


We value trust and long-term relationships with stakeholders, we live by it.


We create value by anticipating, preparing and facing changes in a world where the only thing that is permanent, is change itself.


While serving our company, we are mindful of our commitment to preserve the environment and contribute positively to society.


Our strong foundation has been ethical practices, open and transparent operations.