Description :

  1. Makes planting of potato efficient, faster and more cost effective.
  2. Adjustable spacing and depth of planting makes it feasible for various soil types.
  3. Minimum labor requirement
  4. Ensures uniform growth and maturity, thereby ensuring better yield compared to manual planting.

Features :

  1. Planting two andfour rows with bund former
  2. Fully adjustable crop spacing, fertilizer spreading and row spacing
  3. Rigid and concave shaped mould boards for ridgers.
  4. 24 and 26 inches ridge to ridge spacing
  5. Vertical adjustment of ridger is possible

Highlights :

  1. Fertilizer box assembly - High volume capacity with easy separation and distribution of fertilizer.
  2. Fertilizer metering unit - Adjustable and regulates the distribution of fertilizer.
  3. Furrow opener - Heavy duty structure with adjustable depth ranging from 225 mm to 265 mm.
  4. Optional furrow opener to prepare four rows for enhancing productivity by quad row plantation.

Technical Specifications

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