Description :

  1. Primary tillage equipment.
  2. Strong, sturdy and toughest in the ploughing equipment category.
  3. Best suited for hard and hard-clay soil conditions.
  4. Can plough more depth, fine tilth and level in just one pass.
  5. Can be used directly on barren land, making it feasible for cultivation, prior and after rains.

Features :

  1. Heavy-duty multi-speed gearbox for 540 RPM
  2. Boron steel tines (12mm thick and 285mm long)
  3. Rear leveling bar with pin or screw adjustment
  4. Cardan shaft with shear bolt torque limiter/ slip clutch
  5. Adjustable hitch
  6. Bolted blades

Highlights :

  1. All shafts made of induction hardened alloy steel for increased durability.
  2. Lesser gear wheel overhang (Transmission of force directly to center of TRB).
  3. Taper roller bearings supporting the auxiliary shafts.
  4. Maintenance free rigid trough with extra protection.
  5. Bolted construction of frame for easy serviceability.
  6. Movable side plate.
  7. Integrated weed cutter.

Technical Specifications

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