Description :

  1. Heavy-duty primary tillage equipment.
  2. Highly efficient for scouring prone land.
  3. Suitable for use under adverse conditions like hard, trashy, stony or stumpy soil.

Features :

  1. Rolled tubular frame with heavy section thickness.
  2. Frame construction provides high trash clearance
  3. Side draft and thrust controlled by fully floating furrow wheel.
  4. Heavy-duty bearing to support the discs.
  5. 660 mm (26 inches) furrow disc made from boron steel (6mm thick).
  6. Available in 2 furrow and 3 furrow versions
  7. Adjustable cross shaft supports in adjusting the cutting width and centralizing the implement.
  8. Possibility of upgrading 2 furrow and 3 furrow to 3 furrow and 4 furrow versions respectively.

Highlights :

  1. Tough and rugged equipment suitable for use under adverse soil conditions.
  2. Sturdy frame to deliver trouble free operations.
  3. Wear resistant discs.

Technical Specifications

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