As a responsible corporate citizen, TAFE recognized that it needs to contribute meaningfully to its shareholders, its employees, its business partners and most importantly to the society which is the reason for its existence.

Since its inception, TAFE has worked towards impacting society through partnering development efforts. It is involved in the areas of education and health care through the Amalgamations group charities. It is also directly involved in this area through partnering with other NGOs such as the Tamil Nadu Kidney Research Foundation. TAFE has adopted two villages on the outskirts of Chennai and runs a package of holistic focused on the above two areas.

All of its plants are covered with greenery and trees. Even the Engine plant at Alwar in Rajasthan, despite the extremes of temperatures there, has its tree cover in place, lovingly nurtured to provide shady relief to every one.

Green Seal

TAFE's products are engineered to meet emission standards prevalent in the concerned market. All our products satisfy current emission norms and work is afoot to enhance products to conform to US tier 3 norms and also work towards the higher norms that will come into effect by 2015. Use of hazardous material in the products is avoided right at the design stage.

Its plants are lush oases of greenery that are nurtured with sensitivity and care. All its plants practice rain water harvesting to ensure water table rejuvenation. In fact its Chennai plant is a bird sanctuary that attracts many varieties of migrant birds. TAFE is certified under ISO 14001 for its environment management systems and all its plants have in house sewage and emission treatment plants. To conserve scarce natural resources, use of compact fluorescent tubes and progressively LEDs are encouraged for external lighting. Use of non bio degradable packing is avoided as far as possible and where it cannot be avoided, the packing is sent back to vendors for reuse in fresh supplies. All plants have a negligible carbon foot print as in most of them, the back up power generation units are the only equipment that emit exhausts into the atmosphere.


TAFE partners with institutions offering treatment, support and care to people suffering from terminal illnesses such as cancer. It has been and will continue to be at the forefront of support at times of natural calamities. It also supports schools near its plants with infrastructural inputs.

J Rehab Centre

One of the key elements of TAFE’s CSR strategy is the rehabilitation of the differently abled. The core idea behind JRehab Centre at Alampatti near Madurai, is to empower the differently abled and help them lead a life with dignity.

Engaged in the production of wiring harnesses, JRehab, the dream of A. Sivasailam, the former chairman of TAFE, was established in 1980, in the memory of his father, S. Anantharamakrishnan, the founder chairman of the Amalgamations Group, to help orthopedically challenged women. It was his dream to support the physically disabled, by helping them earn a good living with dignity and self esteem, and to make them self-sufficient and independent.

Today, JRehab has an all-women work force, which makes wire harnesses, fender harnesses, battery cables, trailer sockets and toolkit bags for tractors and other automobiles manufacturers. This unit is run as a regular business and has its targets and plans, which have been consistently achieved.

In 2000-10, around 62 women were benefited by this scheme. The women employed here are provided with appropriate transport and other amenities like food, medicines and personal assistance to make their work ambience conducive. They are also provided with calipers once in a year, without any cost.

This unique initiative of TAFE has won the National Award for the Best Employer for People with Disabilities in the year 2000. The State Government of TamilNadu also conferred JRehab with the Best Employer State Award for providing maximum number of employment opportunities to persons with disabilities in the same year.