Description :

  1. Potato harvesting to bagging at one go.
  2. Single equipment for digging, picking, cleaning, and grading of potatoes.
  3. Enhanced ease of operation and time efficiency.

Features :

  1. Mud spreader for easy digging
  2. Automatic potato harvester - First of its kind in India
  3. Tractor driven, trailed single-row potato harvester through lower links
  4. Cleaned potatoes can be directly collected in sacks or trays for storage
  5. Minimal manpower requirement
  6. Suitable for accommodating 24, 26, 28, 30 inch ridges
  7. Ergonomic hydraulic drive controls
  8. Suitable for soft and medium soil types, through hydraulically controlled speeds of conveyors
  9. Special conveyor system reduces load, prevents damage to potatoes and increase efficiency

Highlights :

  1. Excellent soil crush with precision combination of working structures.
  2. Three stages of conveyors for cleaning potatoes up to 70-80% by weight.

Technical Specifications

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